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Grazing alpaca

Alpacas require access to reasonable quality pasture. Alpacas, rather like goats, not only eat grass and herbs, but are also “browsers” and enjoy nibbling hedges. In doing this they are seeking out a variety of plants that will provide them with the minerals they need. Alpacas have a “ruminant” type complex gut that allows for microbial fermentation; they “chew the cud”. 

A supplement of hayIt is important not to disrupt this balance by giving excessive carbohydrate-rich supplementary feed. However, in order to ensure that the alpacas are receiving all the minerals and vitamins they need, it is advisable to provide them with a carefully selected (camelid) supplementary feed and/or vitamin supplements. This is particularly important in the winter and for pregnant alpacas, those feeding their young and young alpacas. You can learn to “condition” score your alpacas by feeling along their spine. In the winter, pasture grazing will need to be supplemented with good quality hay. Feed and hay must never be “musty” with fungal contamination.

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