About Alpacas - Health and Husbandry

Health and Husbandry

4 young alpacas grazing

The major benefit if ensuring that your alpaca is eating the correct food in the correct quantity, is that it is more likely to remain healthy. The more you get to know your alpaca and its typical behaviour and noises (mainly “humming”!), the more likely you will be to spot any problems. You will receive a record of any medications given to the alpaca. 

The black alpaca, You should discuss routine health care with your vet. This will be routine annual vaccinations against Clostridial disease and perhaps worming if deemed necessary. Each year, your alpaca will need to be shorn. There are itinerant shearers who are available each year to visit your animals to shear, trim hooves and teeth if necessary.

The fleece can be sold to specialist processors or you can arrange to have the fleece processed for your own craft needs.

Maybe you are already a spinner and weaver/knitter?

About an

Name: Watership Scolicite (Olly)

DOB: 28th August 2007

Fibre:solid white, very fine 17.6 micon with a good crimp

Personality:Olly is good tempered & halter trained. He has good pedigree, is BAS registered and microchipped.

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