About Watership Alpacas

About Watership Alpacas

Alpaca peaking over fenceLiving in the countryside with some land that needed grazing, we discovered alpacas through an article in the “Smallholder” magazine. We spent one day getting to know alpacas and realised they were the best field pet to maintain our paddocks, as well as providing an interesting crop – the beautiful fleece. And since that time about 5 years ago, a whole new world has opened up to us, focused around alpaca events and enjoying spending time with our animals.

We have chosen to breed huacaya alpacas and we choose prize-winning sires for our breeding programme. We are members of the British Alpaca Society and two of its local groups. The aim of all these societies is to continually improve alpaca welfare and herd and fibre quality in Great Britain. Each of our alpacas is BAS-registered and all are security micro-chipped.


About an

Name: Watership Scolicite (Olly)

DOB: 28th August 2007

Fibre:solid white, very fine 17.6 micon with a good crimp

Personality:Olly is good tempered & halter trained. He has good pedigree, is BAS registered and microchipped.

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