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Watership Alpaca Clothing

Pure alpaca fibre coats and jackets from Watership Alpacas of Hampshire, England.

Pure silk sateen liningsDesigned and made by bridal wear designer, Pauline Forster, who has featured in Vogue magazine. Each garment is lined with Pauline’s luxurious pure silk sateen.

The jackets and coats are a fitted, panelled style, with hidden pockets, fully silk lined and exquisitely hand finished with button fastening and Watership Alpacas’ exclusive silk label. Extremely warm and cosy – these garnments are ideal for the cold weather ahead.

Exclusive Watership Alpaca labelsContact us using our web form , or via this email link: coats@watershipalpacas.co.uk, to request a sample of fabric, or make an appointment to try on jacket or coat, stating the garment of interest from the list below:

All purchasers of a Watership Alpacas coat or jacket are welcome to come and meet the alpacas!

Act soon as the limited exclusive range now only includes:

Size 8/10:

  • 3/4 length pure alpaca tweed jacket with camel collar, size 8/10

  • Below knee length pure alpaca black coat with tweed collar and tweed front panel, size 8/10

Hidden pocketsSize 10/12:

  • 3/4 length pure alpaca tweed jacket with snood hood, size 10/12

Size 12/14:

  • 3/4 length pure alpaca black jacket, size 12/14

Size 16/18:

  • Below knee length pure alpaca black coat, size 16/18

  • 3/4 length pure alpaca tweed jacket, size 16/18

Black 3/4-length coat with tweed collar and front panelJackets: £389
Coats: £499
Prices include packing and post.

Pauline Forster is a bridal wear designer based in Whitchurch, North Hampshire. She has designed and produced these jackets, coats and dresses using fabric made entirely from our alpaca fibre (sheep make wool. An alpaca's fleece is made of fibre). We provided the fibre with a range of autumnal colours that have been blended and woven by specialist weavers in Wales to produce a very fine cloth.

Our beautiful animals have produced such a wonderful quality of fleece that we wanted to find a way to ensure the fibre was used to show off its softness and versatility. Alison and Keith sought to develop a collection of clothes locally, so have teamed up with Pauline, who has produced a range of designs that are wonderfully fashionable, comfortable and wearable.

Don’t miss your chance to wear a beautifully tailored garment, made from a locally sustainable and luxurious fibre.

For further information, please contact Pauline Forster or go to her website: www.paulineforster.com; 01256 895670.

Two of the Alpaca-fibre coats


three-quarter length coat